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Treatment Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are excerpted from Lark Lands' upcoming book, Positively Well: Living with HIV as a Chronic, Manageable, Survivable Disease. All this material is copyrighted and embargoed for publication.

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Nutrients for the World
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Slowing disease progression in a simple way that promotes health and, ultimately, prevents illness and death is the holy grail in the world of AIDS. The impressive findings of three recently completed clinical trials tell us that . . .
Treatment Page 1 1. The Ten Commandments for Living Long and Well with HIV (2 pages)
Treatment Page 2 2. The Seven Deadly Sins for Those Wishing to Live with HIV (4 pages)
Treatment Page 3 3. HIV Treatment Strategy, Overview (2 pages)
Treatment Page 4 4. Using Nutrients to Protect the Body and Counter HIV Symptoms 
    and Drug Side Effects:(4 pages)
Treatment Page 5 5. Drug Side Effects & Other Symptoms - Tips on Countering Them (25 pages)
Treatment Page 6 6. Glutathione and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (3 pages)
Treatment Page 7 7. Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid) (2 pages)
Treatment Page 8 8. Glutamine (4 pages)
Treatment Page 9 9. Increasing Absorption & Decreasing Side Effects (2 pages)
Treatment Page 10 10. Lipodystrophy (4 pages)
Treatment Page 11 11. Drug Efficacy and Tolerance  (2 pages)
Treatment Page 12 12. Nutrient Therapy for Neuropathy (18 pages)
Treatment Page 13 13. Treatments for Diarrhea (19 pages)
Nutrients for the World 14.  Nutrients for the World - Lands & Lederer (3 pages)
Treatment Page 15 15. References  (3 pages)
Personal Consults 16. Personal Consults - It is Lark's hope that these treatment fact sheets can provide an overview of the information needed to create an integrated approach to HIV that can help people live well, not just longer. However, because each person's needs are unique, many people will benefit from using them in conjunction with a personal consultation with her. Click here for details on how to set that up.


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